One on One
Personal Training
@Annerley Studio

We offer 1 on 1. This is great for individual attention. You will be able to learn a small set of Tai Chi or Qi Gong in one term. Each term is 7  weeks (depends on how much practice you have after each session). 

Time and dates are flexible.

This rate is for private session, each session 60 minutes at Annerley studio 

Casual rate $110 each session, you can bring a friend or a family to join you without extra cost. 

1 on 1 Coaching, 7 weeks, $770

Address & Parking
34A Franklin Street, Annerley, Qld 4103
Parking on the street please.

What to wear
Please wear comfortable cloth. Wear Tai Chi shoes like mine (flat, no heel), something similar, or barefoot. Have to be tidy and clean. No perfume please.