Purchase Options (Cost)

We have different options for flexibility. You can come whenever you want, one class, two classes, or unlimited classes per week. Attend 2 to 3 classes per week is highly recommended by Tai Chi experts for optimal benefits.

Which option is better for you?

1, If you are new, and like to try out, choose “New Trial”;

2, After “New Trial” if you are happy to continue, and still not sure, you can choose “Casual Class”;

3, Best value is weekly direct deposit $33 per week, and you can come to all scheduled classes.

4, Most popular is “10 Class Pass”, you can top-up after you finish the 10 passes. Expire i 6 months.

5, After you decided which option suitable, purchase the option, then remember to go to the class schedule book your classes.

New Trial
For New Clients who wants to try out.
$55 for 3 classes

Casual Class
Pay As You Go.
$25 / each class

10 Class Pass
To be used 10 classes. Expire in 6 months.

Unlimited Classes (*most popular)
Weekly Direct Debit (Big Saving)
$33 /week, stop anytime, no contract
unlimited scheduled weekly classes.