Workplace Wellness

Stress in the workplace is a growing concern for employees and employers in Australia. Tai Chi can help.

Workplace stress can impact employee productivity through increased absenteeism, diminished performance, negative attitude, cynicism, decline in commitment and creativity, decreased ability to concentrate, difficulty learning and can translate to a difficulty interacting with other employees. Did we mention insomnia, headaches, back pain, gastrointestinal disorders, fatigue, anxiety, irritability and depression. No wonder employers become involved in stress related workers compensation claims.

Tai Chi can help in all of the above.

  • How tai chi can help
  • benefits of our program
  • convenient schedules & requirements
Stress can be managed by doing a gentle, relaxing exercise like Tai Chi (see benefits of our program). Tai Chi for Health program allow us to take control of our mind and body, so we are able to increase blood flow and circulation while at the same time stretching out stiff, tired and aching muscles.
To the employee – Tai Chi enhances our life by improving health and calming the mind. When we integrate Tai Chi into our everyday life it can make the mind clearer and improve concentration. This in turn helps with productivity and can often lead to greater job satisfaction.

To the employer – To be busy and not produce results, will negatively affect the bottom line. Through a Tai Chi gentle exercise and relaxation program you can better equip yourselves to choose and seize the most important opportunities, so that your company prospers and we grow together.

To the workplace – Tai Chi can have a positive effect on team building. When you practice together doing Tai Chi, it creates a strong relaxed atmosphere which promotes good team building, trust and confidence. We all enjoy working together if we are able to have a little fun as well.
One 45 minutes session per week, for a minimum of 10 weeks. This will generally give sufficient time and continuity to your employees, for them to realise and experience the benefits of the Tai Chi gentle exercise and relaxation program. The program is for the individual and as such they will gain health and relaxation benefits at their own pace.

Suggested session plan – 45 minutes

Warm up and stretching exercises – 15 minutes
Relaxation & breathing technique – 5 minutes
Tai Chi movements – 20 minutes
Cool down – 5  minutes
No special equipment or clothing is required (Tai Chi can be practiced in regular work clothes)
No need to shower or change afterwards (Tai Chi is not high impact aerobic exercise)
No experience required, any fitness and ability level can participate including people with special needs
One instructor can lead 1-20 maximum participants per session, with the ability to run multiple sessions on the same day to incorporate staggered lunch breaks
Let's get started at your workplace.  Contact Chunmei for more information and download the  Tai Chi Workplace Wellness Brochure.